Newest Managed Server Services

The most basic managed server services come with basic monitoring, installation, fixing, and OS updates. With managed server services a business owner has a clear target for their overall organizational objectives. Large companies will improve the productivity and availability of their enterprise.


With the evolution of Linux into more mainstream operating systems, cloud computing is becoming a more popular option. One of the largest benefits of managed server services is that they allow customers to obtain their own dedicated servers without the overhead of maintaining a physical machine. Cloud hosting allows users to have virtual servers on the Internet, which can be easily accessed and operated. The cloud servers are fully managed by an outside service provider, so there is no need for a trained administrator to maintain the server software. This also reduces operational costs.


Hosting is another way to utilize managed server services. Companies who want to share network resources with other companies also use hosting, but instead of purchasing and maintaining their own IT equipment they lease or share with other companies. For these businesses the benefits of hosting make it a great option.


A variety of options are available to businesses looking to host their own virtual servers. They can buy entire managed servers, or they can use virtual private server (VPS) or virtual dedicated server (VDS) to establish a limited or shared server resource. In addition, they can also use one of the many open source solution for managed servers called OpenStack, or Controlplane. With a variety of choices in mind, a company seeking a managed IT services provider will find it easy to locate a company that provides the tools and guidance they need to successfully host their data. By outsourcing their managed servers to a third party, they can also save on operational costs.


One benefit of using Open Source like the Red Hat Linux operating system is that it is free and is easy to install and use. Another tool that is offered by the Open Source community for managed servers is the Open VPN tunneling program. With this program, network managers can establish secure VPN tunnels from their local area network (LAN) to remote locations. Some examples of uses include secure file sharing and remote access.


With unmanaged servers, technical personnel must take on the additional task of maintaining the operating system, patches, firmware, hardware, virtualization software and support for remote servers. These tasks are made easier by tech-assured companies that offer technical support and consulting services for a monthly or an annual fee. The technicians are well-versed in the latest operating system releases and are familiar with the best practices of the specific server technologies they support.


In addition to technical support and consulting, some managed services companies may also offer other services to help network administrators and IT technicians implement and maintain the security features of the managed servers. Some of these services may include managing the server inventory to ensure only the most suitable servers are installed on the network. Some tech-assured businesses also offer a security monitoring service that is designed to provide notifications if unauthorized entries are detected. Some servers may be added to the firewall or the network in order to reduce the risk of intrusions. If an intrusion occurs, the notification will be sent so that the appropriate network administrator can block any further unauthorized entries.


Technical support and consulting for managed servers are highly preferred by many businesses because the benefits of such services to make them more cost-effective. Managed servers allow businesses to focus on their core business processes without worrying about the management of the server network. For large businesses, this service can also help them cut down on the number of staff that they need to employ for managing the server network. To get technical support and consulting services, contact a managed servers provider today.

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